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Milbridge Historical Society Facts

The Milbridge Historical Society held its first meeting in 1989. The museum opened in 1996.

The Milbridge Historical Society maintains two permanent exhibits. These are on shipbuilding and on the history of fishing in the area. Apart from these the Historical Society's museum deals mostly with rotating exhibits, usually in annual cycles. Past year's exhibits have included recreated rooms from houses/stores, shipwreck artifacts, the sardine industry, and Nash Island light house.

In 1994 the Milbridge Historical Society was given a parcel of land on Main Street. The following year saw the start of construction on the museum building, and it was completed and opened to the public in 1996.

In 1997 Route 1 (Main Street) was widened, meaning that the veterans' memorial statue in town would have to be moved. The Historical Society offered their grounds, and the monument was moved there. A second statue, dedicated to veterans from more recent conflicts, was built and resides on the museum's grounds as well.